Stamp #TED to Spread TED2010 Bags

The most anticipated annual TED conference is back again! On February 10, this year’s TED will start its four-day session in Long Beach, California. As always, its speaker list includes the top thinkers and activists of our time. As academics, technologists, futurists and artists, the TED speakers deliver thought-provoking lectures to entertain and intrigue the world’s intellectual circle.

Here at BagTheWeb, we are eagerly waiting to see what will be talked about and discussed at the conference. We know that the TED speakers and their talks will have an enduring impact to what we think and what we do for a long period of time. Thus there is a need to re-visit the talks and share them with friends. To make all the TED 2010 information better organized and more accessible, we have created interlinked bags for the web community.

Different from the TED conference site where all the sessions are listed in chronological order, all the bags about TED 2010 are inter-connected. From either a speaker or a session, you can click on links in a bag to jump to see more information.

Furthermore, a bag can go beyond the conference. Webpage links and bag links in a bag can easily include background or related information from anywhere on the web. A bag is far richer than what a conference website can be. Also, anyone can build bags to achieve the same goal.

All bags stamped on TED - BagTheWeb - 20100208

We recently developed a new feature called “stamp.” When you create a bag about TED2010 or see a good one, just stamp #TED, then other bag users will be able to see it by clicking on this stamp. Similar to Twitter’s hashtag, this is a neat way to aggregate and to find bags about a specific topic.

Bagging is a new way to organize and publicize conference information. When you organize or attend a conference next time, try to use this new tool to put relevant information in linked bags. The information becomes much easier for you to access and to use later. Plus, your co-attendees and colleagues will be pleased when you share your bags with them.