BagTheWeb helps educators and students in learning

Houston, TX, February 4, 2011. BagTheWeb, the leading social bagging community site, today released a new feature on its site called Education Channel, to better serve teachers, students, researchers, and lifelong learners. The main channel page showcases interesting bags used for education and active educator baggers as well.

Education has always been a major application focus of the site. With bag’s powerful and easy to use features, teachers can collect teaching materials into bags for students to study and to assign homework. Students can build bags to collect information for their courses and to create projects. Researchers can bag what they discover from the Web and share knowledge with colleagues. Lifelong learners can keep their passion on interesting topics by bagging towards a personal knowledge base.

channel - education - BagTheWeb_20110204

Recently, some teachers and students at Abraham Lincoln Elementary School in Oak Park, Illinois, started using bags for their reading projects. A group of fifth-grade students were asked to build bags collecting webpage links about social photojournalist Lewis Hine and embed them into their blog pages with a short essay to reply questions on Lewis Hine.

“Emerging technologies promote changes in the process of human learning. Social networking tools bring us a new learning environment and rewire our brains. We are excited to add a technology piece to help. It is good to know that even fifth-graders are building and using bags for their studies. Understanding is important in the process of human learning. Our tool is designed to help understand the meaning of information instead of remembering every piece of information,” said Gordon Wu, CEO of BagTheWeb.

The new Education Channel allows users to submit education-related bags and BagTheWeb’s curators will feature them on the channel after review. Also, active educators will be featured there. Via the Education Channel, these contents can reach a broader audience and thus benefit the entire education community.