Support Haiti earthquake relief by creating bags

The quake in Haiti on January 12 and its aftermath shook the entire globe. The tragedy is touching the hearts of us all. People in Haiti are in urgent need for all kinds of assistance and the world is mobilized to help.

There is tons of information online, being updated every minute: donation/relief sites, news reports, real-time tweets, and more. To assist the need of finding and disseminating these important information sources, we have built a few bags with our tool.

For example, a bag entitled “20+ Ways to Help Haiti” was created last Thursday, where you can find websites to make donations and all the Haiti information, via linked bags.

Users visited and retweeted this bag a lot. A user in Portland, Oregon, even created a similar bag listing all the organizations involved in helping Haiti in the Portland area. That bag also generated big traffic there.

Let’s do more to support Haiti earthquake relief by creating bags.


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