is live! is live!

BagTheWeb offers a novel web linking platform where ordinary users will be able to make web links for collecting, saving, and sharing web content. In the meantime, your collective activities of linking will make the web better, more meaningfully connected. This new type of web links, user-generated links, will bring micro-orders to the web where information is better linked, easier to find, and more useful. is for users like you to connect webpages. More specifically, you can create a link list called bag” for any topic, then link webpages you like into it. Then, a bag can be linked to other bags to form a network of bags.

What are the benefits of using bags?

You can easily save webpages into different bags of different topics. They are better organized than existing bookmarking tools and are easier to retrieve.

A bag is a piece of new web content. Users create their bags to share their knowledge about web information interesting to them. A bag has three parts: a bag summary, a list of webpage links, and a list of bag links. These are written or linked by the user who creates the bag.

Bags bring order to sharing. For example, instead of displaying a URL in a Twitter post, you now can tweet a bag which contains more useful web resources.

The network of bags is social, for bags are linking to other bags. From a bag, you can look at its linked bags and possibly find more useful web content organized by other users. BagTheWeb is a new place for finding information on the web.

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2 thoughts on “ is live!

  1. very cool concept.
    The upload a picture function does not seem to be working at this time – the browse button doesn’t work.
    Also – I’ve already created tons of folders in my “favorites” on IE. Is there an easy way to copy and paste or fill the bags from the favorites folders?


  2. Hi, Staci,

    Thank you for coming to BagTheWeb and giving us your feedback at our blog.

    We are sorry we don’t have a mass import for existing bookmarks. The image upload bug exists in Safari and Chrome, and will be fixed shortly.

    Hope you enjoy the experience and we would like to hear more feedbacks from you.

    If you need any help, please feel free to leave comments.

    Best wishes,
    BagTheWeb Team


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